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Empowering Pre-Teens: Our Journey to Success with Yoga and Meditation

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Welcome everyone! I am Hadassah, and I am excited to share with you how yoga and meditation have elevated our family's lives in our blog about our journey to success. Let me start by telling you a bit about our experience.

Since high school, I have been practicing yoga and meditation, and when the pandemic hit, my family and I started practicing together consistently. Although we are not the most talented yogis who can perform advanced poses, we have learned to challenge ourselves, not each other, with consistency instead of perfection with our practice. This has been key to my son's confidence and our family's success. #consistencynotperfection

Like every pre-teen, my son faced obstacles in life, especially socially. Pre-teens are just beginning to explore and show they are old enough to handle things on their own. As parents, it's natural to become protective and want to defend your child, but we cannot be there always. Thus, we realized that we needed to let him take on the challenge on his own terms to develop his self-assurance and motivation, which would help him in his adult life.

I asked my son to come sit on the mat with me and take a couple of deep breaths, lit some incense, and put on some chill vibes. This helped him calm down and focus on the situation at hand. Instead of jumping in and solving the issue for him, I asked for his advice, which aided in his growth through pre-teen life.

Together, we did a mantra called "Sat Nam," which means "I am truth." It has been essential for him to follow his feelings and conquer his obstacles on his own. By doing so, he has become stronger and more confident in life. #familyyoga #positivevibes

Join us on this journey of spiritual growth, fun, and love. We will share more journeys, some painful, some fun, but always with a positive ending and maybe a laugh! Stay tuned for our YouTube channel this summer, where we will take you through simple yoga poses, meditations, cooking, and fun stuff.

Don't forget to check out our family’s favorite olive recipe, LAVA olives, made almost every week by my son for us and whenever there is company. Which will be posted on Thursday, just in time if you want to make it for the weekend. #kidsinthekitchen

Have an awesome week! You Got This!

See You Soon-


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Mar 01, 2023

Cool ideas, I appreciate you sharing your family's experience. I have a preteen myself, and it is often challenging to help them deal with obstacles. ❤❤️


Mar 01, 2023

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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