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Meditation Together | How powerful it is for your spiritual growth and journey in life.

Boho spiritual couple

Meditation is the key to finding your focus thru the world’s chaos.

Whether with your partner, family, friend, and community it all encompasses different levels of spiritual growth. I believe there are deeper levels one can reach with their soul sister, partner, child, or community as a whole.

As we grow spiritually, one is led to others that have the same vibe in life and they become your soul family. It is a powerful connection and important for your spiritual growth. Meditation together is powerful and different than meditating alone. Once you try it, you will love it. Not to say meditation alone is not rewarding, but it is a special moment when you are on the same wavelength with someone else. The universe has a way of eventually weeding out the negative and begins to surround you with only the positive in your life. However you have to listen to the signs, focus, and receive. Meditating

with someone or people can manifest a deeper sense of self and clarity. When it comes to relationships,

I think it’s more important to meditate together first when life is going well, to gain nourishment and within a positive realm. When you are not connecting and want to meditate together, I think outcome will be stronger and more meaningful when you have connected prior to negativity that needs to be acknowledged, embraced, and healed.

couple holding hands at sunset

Try meditating together when your week ends, before anything festive for the weekend begins, hold hands, lay hands on top of the others, or sit back-to-back, whatever feels right for the both of you. Choose silence, a mantra, or favorite visualization or memory and just acknowledge the moment you are in and share gratitude for each other. It’s a small action when repeated consistently can make your bond grow deeper spiritually for growth as partners. Challenging life tasks become easier, with less fear to conquer whatever it is the universe throughs your way. You got each other and there is nothing you can’t conquer.

Meditation with your child is so so special, it’s like being one with your child again, symbolizing of when your child was growing inside of you. Holding hands with my son, and chanting Om is the most powerful experience of mediation I have ever experienced. The mother son bond is acknowledged thru the vibration of chanting Om in harmony. My son is my whole world, and it is represented thru our mindful connection with each other, where I feel, love, joy and optimism. And my son feels brave and loved and together we are ready to help each conquer the worlds challenges together and support each other on our separate paths of existence. Our meditation together serves as a reminder we have someone who is rooting for us. The harmony in our voices while chanting Om, is magical and a gift like none other.

Soul sisters for life

Another connection is with your soul family. You may connect with your soul sister/friend while sitting at the beach or at dusk in the desert looking up, into the sky- not saying a word but just being present in the moment. Acknowledging, feeling that you are on the same wavelength, not having to say anything, but just experience the ocean’s ebb and flow, or the star radiance. The connection is unique, and differs from a partner or child connection, it is a soul family member who is not part of you but will be alongside you on life’s journey. Even if you are miles apart.

Meditating with others creates memorable moments, reminding you that you're not alone in your journey. Reflect on these experiences during tough times, drawing upon the shared energy to overcome challenges and appreciate the present moment, and go for it!

We would love to hear your experiences drop us a comment below.

Try it & share what you benefitted from meditating together, it may inspire someone else to live their best life!


You got the power to make a difference!



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