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MAT-BU-WHAT? Spicy Vegan Moroccan Dip Matbucha

MAT- BU-WHAT?? Matbucha 🪬

I want to share with you my family’s version of a Spicy Vegan Moroccan Dip called Matbucha. It is the most amazing, delicious, and versatile Moroccan salad/dip that can be used throughout the week to make your meals special. It’s vegan, but if you are not plant based no problem, it will magically spice up all protein choices with the flavor of North Africa. Why not make your meals special you deserve it! My elegant mother-in-law Lili❤️ inspired this recipe, even though I say mine is better, she is one of the best cooks I ever met.

We sometimes have it for dinner with some bread, cheese, and olives! Bon Apetit!

Let me know any questions would we love to hear from you !



· 4.5lbs of ripe chopped tomatoes of your choice, I use vine tomatoes with a couple of heirlooms thrown in

· 2 roasted green peppers, cut into strips (roast the peppers on the bbq, medium high 15-20 mins, let cool about an hour, and remove skin)

· 1 roasted red pepper (not jar roasted), cut into strips

· 1 large jalapeno with seeds, finely chopped (you can adjust according to your heat preference)

· 8 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

· Cilantro - as much as you like, or you can omit or use parsley


*The matbucha needs to taste smokey, you can adjust the amount of spices as you taste while the tomatoes are cooking down into a dip consistency.

· Salt -1 teaspoon

· Black Pepper- 1 teaspoon

· Ground Cumin-1 teaspoon

· Sweet Paprika- 3 teaspoons

· Smoked Paprika- 4 teaspoons

· Sugar/Splenda- depends on your tomatoes… 1 -1/2 teaspoons makes the magic happen.

You will need your favorite olive oil to drizzle on at the end.


I like to do this in a wok, but a large saucepan is most often used.

· Add chopped tomatoes with all its juices into a large saucepan, heated on medium with a little olive oil

· Add garlic and all the spices and mix thoroughly

· Keep on medium hi- heat, and you must continue stirring until it cooks down to a dip consistency..approx. 40 mins ( depends on how juicy the tomatoes are)

*I add in cilantro at the very in end, and then garnish with some pieces on top, drizzled with olive oil

Steps On How To Make A Spicy Moroccan Dip
Morrocan Spicy Vegan Dip

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