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Ignite Your Bravery 🔥

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Gratitude & A Flame Inside Helped Release Fear: "A Journey Through Meditation and Self-Discovery"

Bravery is not an easy trait to cultivate. It requires courage and a willingness to face one's fears head-on. For years, I practiced meditation, but it wasn't until a particular moment that I experienced a significant breakthrough.

As I sat in my usual meditation spot with incense burning and candles lit, I closed my eyes and visualized myself overcoming a specific obstacle with a positive outcome and gratitude for everything I have experienced in life. However, for the first time though, anger rose within me, and I had enough of this fear. In that moment, fear released its grip on me, and I felt a new sense of bravery. Acknowledging gratitude for everything I have and experienced, knowing life is good no matter the circumstances, I realized I got this - Then, it happened. I had that "ah ha" moment, and I released fear. Weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The flame helped something click and release. It was as though my mind and body aligned, and I felt a sense of enlightenment that elevated me from my physical self.

Bravery isn't about being completely fearless. It's about feeling the fear and pushing through it. Like a sharp arrow launched from the most powerful bow, we must face our fears head-on to build our bravery and become stronger individuals.

Meditation is a gift that lives within us all, and by channeling our inner bravery, we can release fear and embrace growth. So take a few minutes to connect with your inner self each day, and unleash your own bravery. By first acknowledging your gratitude for all you have and experienced, then take any frustration | anger in your mind, and visualize an arrow on fire, to represent you flying through and burning up any fears of a particular obstacle with your desired outcome. You have now, set a flame to your fears and ignited your full potential.


Find a quiet place to be mindful and start your meditation.

Surround yourself with things that make you feel good, crystals can help transform your space into your own sanctuary.

Also, if you enjoy taking baths, elevate your bath-time and add in some bath salts and free your mind, and begin your journey to self discovery. Enjoy your journey to ignite your bravery. 🔥


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