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How do you achieve inner peace when the world is so tough at times?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

It has taken me many years to find a way to achieve inner peace. I feel you have achieved one level of inner peace when your life is turned upside down, yet you are able to calmly and rationally weather the storm and see the light ahead without getting derailed while experiencing it. Sometimes it’s so hard to stay grounded when your mind is in chaos. I used to feel almost paralyzed and wanted to meditate but couldn't get out of that frozen state and go to yoga. I could do yoga when I wasn't stressed, but I didn't know how to do it when I was! Earlier in life, I opted for an easier way out - calling a friend and going out for drinks. Fun, yes but didn't solve the problem of how to get thru the storm using inner peace. Years later, along the way, my approach changed, I learned yoga and meditation were my greatest gifts to open and use to achieve inner peace when the world got so tough. I was able to relieve those tense feelings and slow my breathing and find inner peace. One moment in particular was during covid and I was working in the NYC fashion industry and feeling the stress leading a team thru the world's nightmare at the time. I wanted to make sure everyone felt not alone even though some staff I know were alone in their apartments. My husband threw down our mats and my son and I followed and something clicked in the amazing Stephanie Synder's voice and her vibe on the Glo app, that let me start my flow alongside my husband and son.

That was a flow I won't forget. Surrounding yourself with people who love you makes it that much easier to finding inner peace.

When you can calmly control your mind, you have true freedom and inner peace. Easier said than done, of course. At 53, I can finally see through challenges with a clear mind, slow breathing, and my own flow. Visualization in meditation is my #1 tip - using the one of the earth's elements like wind to guide me or push away negative thoughts and have them float away into the sky and disappear. Leaving only stars shining bright to focus on.

I've learned to connect with the divine wisdom within my heart, to unleash inner peace.

I begin my yoga


by chanting "OM," "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo," or "OM Shanti OM" to lift my spirit and clear my mind. "Ong Namo" means "I bow to the divine wisdom of all that is." "Guru Dev Namo" means "I bow to the divine teacher within." These mantras help me visualize releasing the chaos so I can enjoy my flow. "OM Shanti OM" brings inner peace of mind, body and speech. Feeling good is important, but speaking positively and respectfully is key to sharing peace with others. Accepting myself and not needing validation shows I am at peace within. Wanting others to feel good is part of achieving inner peace as well.

In summary, after years of practice I've learned to use tools like meditation, mantras, visualization, and yoga to find calm and connect with my inner soul, especially in chaotic times. Surrounding myself with supportive people and speaking/acting kindly also reflects my inner peace. It's an ongoing process, but regularly connecting to my inner divine teacher helps me weather storms, see the light, and experience true inner peace - even when life gets tough.

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