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Can't Sleep? Don't Count Sheep!

We were all advised to count sheep to fall asleep, but personally, it made me more anxious. However, we've discovered some effective strategies for promoting sleep: creating a serene sleep environment, utilizing cognitive thinking, crystals, aromatherapy, and practicing yoga asanas.

The space where you sleep should be organized, free of clutter, and adorned with colors or objects that evoke positive vibes and memories. Lighting is also important; you can opt for complete darkness or use soft lighting to create a peaceful ambiance that resonates with you. Transform your sleep space into a sanctuary that reflects your personality and that of your partner and children.

Let me share some tips that have worked for our family:

Tip One: Fight Your Mind & Win

When your mind is filled with worries and racing thoughts about the future, engage in a battle with your mind and emerge victorious. Remind yourself that your concerns may never materialize, or the outcomes of anticipated events could be vastly different from what you envision while tossing and turning in bed. Adopting a mindset that you are capable and can handle anything will alleviate fear and help your mind relax. This practice requires effort and repetition, but it will become a healthy habit that promotes sound sleep. Keep a journal and reinforce positive mantras or thoughts before bedtime. Alternatively, jot down your worries in the journal and review them the next day to observe how things unfolded. Seeing your worries on paper will build confidence and reduce fear. While you can't change tomorrow, you can face it with greater self-assurance to conquer any obstacles that may arise.


Tip Two: Bring Om To Your Home

If you're interested in crystals and aromatherapy, focus on creating a sanctuary within your sleep space—a place where you can unwind and find peace. Clutter creates mental noise, so strive for a clean and organized environment. Choose a scent that resonates with you and add a few crystals, such as amethyst or moonstone, to your space. These crystals emit gentle energy and are suitable for the bedroom. A reed diffuser with your favorite scent can instantly signal your mind to relax. Opt for scents that evoke positivity and tranquility, like lavender or sandalwood, rather than stimulating oils such as lemon or eucalyptus. Select colors for your room that induce calmness. If you prefer a slightly illuminated room, use flameless candles to create a dreamy atmosphere.

Tip Three: Embrace the Power of Yoga

Yoga in the early evening has proven to be immensely beneficial for us, as long as the asanas promote sleep. We often use our favorite yoga app, @yogaglo, to unwind from the day's challenges and clear our minds. A 15-20 minute yoga routine followed by a warm shower is guaranteed to relax your mind and body. Give it a try; it has the potential to change your life. Share the practice or a mini 5-10 minute version with your children.

Yoga Child's pose
Child's Pose | Balasana

Tip Four: A Kid's Triumph Over Sleeplessness

If our son has a rough day and his mind is racing about tomorrow, we talk it through with him and reason out his worries. Once again, instilling confidence helps alleviate fears in adults as well as children. Make your kid's room tranquil. We set up a calming image on a TV, iPad, or computer with a timer, such as a 4K aquarium, and use a galaxy night light to

create a soothing glow in his room. As they close their eyes share a positive story with them and stay until they drift off. Give them support to be brave for tomorrows journey. Confidence truly is the key to conquering fear, and when fear is released, peaceful sleep follows."

Good Nite! Share your tips for sleep, we'd love to hear what works for YOU!

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