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OMG. Calming Teen Anxiety ⚡ With Yoga & Meditation To Relieve Anxiety & Stress.

OMG. ⚡

The pre-teen and teenage years can be an emotionally turbulent time, filled with anxiety, stress, and uncertainty about the future. Help your Generation Alpha (mini millennial) find their inner calm by introducing them to beginner yoga poses, flows, and simple breathing meditations they can do anytime their angst starts to build. Starting a yoga and meditation flow will help calm teen anxiety.

Before our chill time (our slang for yoga time), I will light an aromatic candle and burn incense to create a separation signaling we are entering the evening. This serves as a reminder we are about to take care of our mind, body and spirit. My husband and I will usually flow for 1⁄2 hour in the evening, and then meditate for however long we feel the vibe. Our son will come over with headphones on and iPad in hand, and hang out around us. We will ask if he wants to join. We are met with an immediate and firm "No, I'm good...." Eventually he will take out his mat and begin to flow with us for a while, and then do his own flow. The stretch teens get from yoga is like a natural release of stress for them. Afterwards our son is more relaxed and focused and shares his day freely without having to pull it out of him! This is when we make sure all is going well in school and decide what's for dinner.

Tip: Starting a beginning teen yoga class in person is the perfect step to ensure they understand alignment and become familiar with the poses. If there is not a teen class, see if they can participate in a beginner adult class. Also, there are many free online class opportunities, and as a family we love the GLO app (not an ad, we truly love it!).

Our son loves Child's Pose, Cobra Pose, Tree Pose, Buddha Stupa, Warrior 1 & 2, and Downward Dog. When homework frustration strikes, we pull back and start with a 60 second mantra. It can be anything from "I got this" to "Chill out" or try ancient mantras like "Sat Nam" (I am truth).

Do yoga at your own pace but do it consistently and it will change your life.

We will be sharing some flows soon on our YouTube channel. Sign up for our emails and stay up to date on our family journey with yoga & meditation. Join our community.

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Sep 18, 2023

So true! :)

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