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Breathe In, Breathe Out: How 60 Seconds of Mindful Breathing Can Center You Through Chaos⚡

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Life can get stressful sometimes. From challenging coworkers, stressful commutes, and trying to figure out where you want your life to go, negative energy can build up. I want to share how taking 60 second breathing and meditation breaks throughout my day has been an incredible gift in reducing my stress levels and providing clarity.

After particularly stressful events at work or sitting in traffic, I made it a habit to take a minute to just stop and breathe. I'll set a timer for 60 seconds, close my eyes, and take slow, deep breaths while repeating a mantra like "sat nam" or "let go". 60 seconds of mindful breathing can get you thru any chaos with consistency & practice.

Focusing just on my breathing and mantra for even 1 minute allowed me to reset both my mind and body. I can feel my heart rate slow, and most of all my tightened muscles started to relax, and my fire in my belly cooled. It's amazing how quickly these short breaks can clear away negative energy and center someone. It takes practice and some days will be more challenging than others.

Incorporating breathing breaks into my regular workday has worked wonders for reducing my daily anxiety. And when I am centered and calm, I have more mental clarity to make decisions about where I want my life to go. Removing even small amounts of stress greatly improves my ability to tune into my intuitive wisdom.

Tips: Create A Spirit Home | Office: I transformed my office into a calming, creative space with crystals, aromatics-essential oils, candles, and inspirational art. Surrounding myself with items that have a positive, centered energy helps extend the benefits of my breathing breaks. In my home office I will light a candle and burn incense, turn on my favorite music, and my work vibe is positive.

If you're feeling stressed or scattered, I encourage you to try taking 60 second breathing and meditation breaks too. Find a simple mantra, set a timer, and just focus on your breath. What it has done for my stress levels has been an invaluable gift. Small moments of mindfulness can truly shift your energy and open space for inspiration and clarity. With practice it can also help with falling asleep more easily, along with a workout or yoga flow, in the evening.

Take the vibe out of stress and transform your mind. YOU are in control of your thoughts, don’t let events take control of your mind. You got this!

Radiate your positivity back to the world. 🪬

Be consistent, you will make progress. Make this day count!

- Hadassah


Sep 18, 2023

I tried your 60 seconds suggestion for a week and it definitely made a difference in my stress level during very hectic days. Thank you.


This is truly inspiring.

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